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Is your child facing accusations or charges that could be life altering for their future goals and dreams?

It is difficult to handle when it is your child who faces investigation, accusations, or charges. Our firm will work with you and your child and provide the representation your child needs to help get his or her life back on track.


Former elected Allen County Prosecutor, former Assistant U.S. District Attorney, former Senior Special Prosecuting Attorney and successful Public Defender, Robert W. Gevers II has the experience and knowledge to understand how the juvenile legal system works and how to help your child. Our firm specializes in ALL areas of juvenile law and crimes committed by a juvenile that may be treated as adult charges including:


- Drug charges, including dealing and possession

- Trespassing and vandalism

- Robbery / theft

- Homicide / murder

The right attorney will work hard to represent your child and protect their future opportunities for college and career choices. Robert W. Gevers II will be your ally working toward the most successful resolution in your case.

Protect your child's future and their record

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