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Our goal is to help you separate your lives in the most peaceful way possible

Going through a divorce can be a difficult and trying time in your life. Emotions run high, unforeseen circumstances bring tension and a resolution can be hard to find without the right ally. We specialize in all areas of Family Law and Divorce and can help you address issues such as:

Robert W. Gevers II has over 28 years experience within the legal field. He will help you identify your priorities and needs, then work with you to settle your divorce or custody issues without the unnecessary stress.

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Divorce and custody issues do not have to destroy your family.

A caring, experienced attorney will fight for you and help you reach a peaceful resolution.

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- Retention of family or vacation home

- Mediated settlements

- Division of personal assets/retirement investments

- Inheritance or trust issues


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- Child custody

- Legal and physical custody

- Divorce

- Support

- Visitation issues

- Grandparents rights